Data Backup by IDrive

IDrive Backup and Cloud Storage

EZ Computers Ltd have teame up with IDrive to offer a robust, efficient and effective Backup solution with cloud storage. By utilising the power and reliability of IDrive to backup your important files you can rest assured that, should disaster strike, your data is safe and ready to be restored.

Scheduled backups, incremental backups and even full server backups are a click away.

Linux Servers? IDrive Has You Covered

It used to be that Linux servers were left out of backup solutions, even though they run 90% of the internet as we know it. Not any more. IDrive Cloud Backup for Linux Servers has your backup, 24/7/365. Simple to install and configure, easier to use, Cloud Backup for Linux Servers has never been this easy.

Linux Server Backup can be run from the command line or a more intuitive Web Interface.

Onsite Bare Metal Backup Covered Too!

For more mission critical operations and heightened security requirements, IDrive offers Bare Metal Recovery on a local, onsite server. Even if your internet connection goes down, you can still access your backup to restore critical systems quickly and efficiently.

You can include Cloud Replication for an added layer of integrity to your disaster recovery solution.

Protect Against Ransomware

Encryption-based Ransomware is getting ever more sophisticated. This means it may not be detected and blocked by your anti-virus software. Once infected, your data is useless until you pay for the decryption key. However, there is no guarantee that you will get the data back even after paying.

IDrive's BMR Snapshot Backup is a robust backup solution, allowing you to restore the copy of data prior to infection. But make sure the infection is removed beforehand!